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Foster Care as a Career

Looking after a child is one of the most important and rewarding experiences in many people’s lives, and devoting some of your time to fostering a child can be hugely beneficial to all concerned. There are many reasons why people decide to foster children, allowing young people to enjoy a safe and secure environment to help them flourish, and a great deal of support is available to make the process as smooth as possible.

Fostering can be a short- or long-term commitment, from short periods of weeks or months to longer periods while a child is unable to be raised by its birth family. Whether the fostering period results in the child being returned to its original home or heading for adoption, this time is every bit as important in their continuing development as any other period in their lives, and often results in long-term connections being made between carer and child. Fostering organisations are always seeking out the highest quality foster placements for children to give young people the best possible environment to enjoy their childhood.

There are some common and old-fashioned misconceptions about fostering that are still held by many people, including the notion that foster parents need to be married or own their own home in order to qualify as suitable. All that’s required of a suitable foster parent is dedication to providing as safe and comfortable an environment possible for children during what can often be a difficult time for them, and an ability to provide all the care and attention that a growing child needs.

Fortunately, foster parents are never alone, with help being just a phone call away, day or night, to help them deal with any situations that might arise. With many fostered children having had a difficult start in life, this can often result in attitudes and behaviour that foster parents can be taught to deal with effectively, and classes are available to ensure foster parents are able to cope with all eventualities.

Fostering is a big commitment not to be taken lightly, as caring for a child can have a significant impact on their development, as well as the wellbeing of the carer. Foster parents are required to undergo a screening process to ensure their suitability, but anyone who thinks they have what it takes to provide a secure and loving environment for a child, whether for a short period or longer, can contact fostering organisations to offer their valued support.

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